Yes! We are Bonded and Insured!

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Why Our Clients Like Us

❝ Before Classic Pool Tile & Stone met Greg at Davis Family Cleaning LLC, our office was a mess. We deal with cutting of tile, natural stone, and even brick. When cutting those materials it is common for us to encounter a lot of dust. Dust tends to follow us back into the office, bathrooms, and breakrooms. Davis Family Cleaning not only accepted the challenge but exceeded our expectations that many other cleaning services could not. We recommend Davis Family Cleaning for all of your cleaning needs! ❞
- Alaric Luethi, Classic Pool Tile & Stone
Greg is a good guy, did excellent work and is great connecting with clients.
- Andrew C.
❝ Greg and his team have been a pleasure to work with! His pricing is fair, he is able to work with our schedule, and he does an excellent job cleaning. We really notice the difference. He’s also extremely conscientious which we truly appreciate. I would definitely recommend Davis Family Cleaning! ❞
- Trish Cauley, Vice President of Savit Collection Agency
❝ He was respectful and professional. His price was fair for his services.
- Marvin T.