Why wear masks in hospitals if we are also told that masks do not protect us from coronavirus?

This question was asked and I wanted to provide some insight. Wearing masks protects others from those who are wearing masks as the mask protects their droplets from getting on others. Cleaning surfaces and washing hands consistently does help to slow down the spread of coronavirus.

For hospitals and businesses who want happy and returning customers, cleaning the surfaces, washing hands and having a professional cleaning company for regular cleanings over in- house cleaners may help with disinfecting and removal of certain pathogens. Our company In Central New Jersey services hospitals and medical facilities by doing routine disinfecting.

Davis Family Cleaning LLC in the Central New Jersey area offers the best professional cleaning for properties. Our commercial cleaning services are offered to a variety of clients to include car detailers, hospitals, warehouses, private/charter schools, office building and more. We place importance on being on time and doing a job well done.

Over mask wearing, I recommend routine cleaning services. Talk to our representative by calling 203-243-6952 and find out how to get $50 off of your first deep cleaning. You can also fill out an online form.

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