Questions to ask a Commercial Cleaning Company?

If you are in the market looking to make a quality decision so that you look good to your customers and manager, you want to qualify the commercial cleaning company that you will form a relationship with. Having a professional service done does not mean that if fits your needs. To know what company will fit your needs, you should ask them a set of questions.

These questions reveal if you have found the right fit:

  1. Have you worked on a project similar to my type of business with around the same amount of sq ft?
  2. Do you use your own products? (Some buildings like to use their own products but you want them to have and know what products are needed for the job).
  3. Are you Bonded & Insured? ( This takes off some of the liability from your company when the cleaning company has their own insurance to cover themselves and does not need to rely on yours).
  4. Are your workers trained and skilled for this type of job (similar to the services you are looking for).
  5. Do you offer all of the cleaning services I am looking for? (carpet cleaning, disinfectant, floor cleaning, window cleaning, janitorial services etc.
  6. Can you clean at night or on the weekends (when staff is not present for the most part).
  7. Will I be in contact with the same person for the duration of my contract? (You want to be connected with same person who knows your account)
  8. How long will it take for you to get back to me if I have a question? How responsive are you?
  9. Can you give me a free quote or estimate? (Finding out answers 1-8 save you from paying for an estimate with a company that is not in your industry.

At Davis Family Cleaning LLC – Cleaning Agency| Davis Family Cleaning LLC, we offer the best professional cleaning for properties. Our commercial cleaning services are offered to a variety of clients to include car detailers, hospitals, warehouses, private/charter schools, office buildings and more. We place importance on being on time and doing a job well done. Davis Family Cleaning LLC – Cleaning Agency| Davis Family Cleaning LLC has a quick turnaround. Call anytime to get a FREE QUOTE 203-243-6952. You can also fill out an online form. YES! We are bonded & Insured.

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