Are Flies Invading your Property this summer?

You would be surprised at how flies work their way up to the 5th floor of your commercial building. It would be good to call a cleaning service. In New Jersey, (Davis Family Cleaning LLC – Cleaning Agency| Davis Family Cleaning LLC) cleans commercial buildings and facilities who have had this issue. We typically get rid of all food particles that may have been left out. We sanitize and throw all materials out where flies would lay eggs. It is important to close the garbage lids and dumpsters while sealing them tight. After this, you can use insecticides that come in residual forms, aerosols, fogging materials, and baiting forms. Fly traps work also- from disposable fly traps to electronic fly light traps with replaceable light bulbs and glue boards.

Steps involved.

  1. Sanitation is the first mode of defense. Even though some various traps and sprays are used to kill flies, it is necessary to eliminate the source to remove them
  2. Whenever possible, food and materials on which the flies can lay eggs must be removed or destroyed. This isolates the egg-laying adult. Killing adult flies will reduce infestation, but the elimination of breeding areas is necessary for good House Fly control management.
  3. Garbage cans should be sealed with tight-fitting lids and be cleaned regularly.
  4. Flies need moisture to lay eggs. Drainage will often aid control, getting rid of extra moisture.
  5. Keep a screened in your window and doors when letting air in.

We offer the best professional cleaning for properties. Our commercial cleaning services are offered to a variety of clients to include car detailers, hospitals, warehouses, private/charter schools, office buildings and more. We place importance on being on time and doing a job well done. Davis Family Cleaning LLC – Cleaning Agency| Davis Family Cleaning LLC has a quick turnaround. Call anytime to get a FREE quote 203-243-6952. You can also fill out an online form.

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