How We Save our Clients Money!

I didn’t realize I was saving my clients money also!

Keep reading to find the 5 ways we managed to do this!

1. Enhance employee productivity

Our invoice is a write off for your company when tax season comes around. This is why finding cheaper labor does not always mean saving money. Our fair prices coupled with us taking responsibility for keeping your place of business professionally cleaned is what we take pride in. We make no excuses.

2. Prevent any structural damage

Using a professional means they take care of your property the same as  would their own. Davis Family Cleaning LLC is Bonded and Insured and are responsible to not cause damage to your facility.

3. Create a Positive Impression on your Clients

We keep your facility looking great so customers can see the value in your products, services and the enjoy the clean ambience while visiting your establishment. You would be surprised to know that consumers ranked frequent cleaning and sanitizing as top (66%) measure that would make them more likely or more comfortable with visiting physical spaces in a survey conducted by the International Council of Shopping Centers.

4. Reduce Liabilities

In the 1800s Dr. Semmelweis studied two maternity wards and counted the deaths of both wards. He found that so many women were dying of puerperal fever- commonly known as childhood fever.  His clinic at General Hospital in Vienna clinic  had women that died at a rate nearly five (5) times higher than women in the midwives’ clinic.

But why??????? His studied reviewed that the miraculous thing the Midwives’ clinic did was wash their hands. The pathology study revealed germs were passing from patients, nurses, surfaces and recovering patients.  He ordered his ward to wash hands and surfaces more and immediately saw a difference.

If you are a company that knows its important to comply with OSHA’s requirements, you will also see the value in having a professional cleaning for your office.

5. Prevent Bigger Problems in the Future

Seventy-nine (79%) of consumers agreed that they were more likely to purchase from retailers/brands that acted responsibly and did something to help their own employees who missed work during the COVID-19 outbreak. One way to show you care is by having your facility cleaned and disinfected after an employee takes a sick leave from work.

We offer the best professional cleaning for properties. Our commercial cleaning services are offered to a variety of clients to include car detailers, hospitals, warehouses, private/charter schools, office building and more. We place importance on being on time and doing a job well done.

For more details about our cleaning services, talk to our representative by calling 203-243-6952. You can also fill out an online form.

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